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As a brief overview of Our Green Company, we can list the following principal sectors that we work in and the professional expertise we are able to provide, along with some brief details about our team, their individual experience and their areas of interest.


principal sectors

The principal sectors Our Green Company are associated with are:

  • Sustainable economic development & the circular economy
    Industry, production & trade
  • Regenerative agriculture & integrated natural resource and
  • Landscape management
  • The Blue Economy
  • Sustainable / eco-tourism
  • Culture & Arts
  • Skills development




We are able to offer professional expertise in the following areas:

  • Logistics, financial, project, general operations, data & change management
  • Dive centre, excursion & water sports management
  • Integrated regenerative landscape design and environmental management, education and training, permaculture, ecological surveys, management for wildlife, eco-tourism
  • Marketing and PR communication strategies, social media management, copywriting and design, editing, personnel management, information technology, translation
















Nell Hamilton is a coastal ecologist, environmental educator, naturalist, wildlife writer and ecological gardener. With a Masters in Tropical Marine Ecology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and Permaculture Design Certificate from Practical Permaculture Institute, Zanzibar, she has lived and worked in Zanzibar for 12 years working and consulting on a variety of programmes, to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues and advocates across sectors for wildlife, ecological land use planning and environmental sustainability.


Richard Linney has a B.Sc. (hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Wales, Bangor, and has lived and worked in Zanzibar for 11 years within the tourism sector. He has extensive experience of operational, logistical and administrative facets of large-scale tourism excursions on the island, and works as a copywriter and designer for various online outlets.


Dr. Mwatima Abdalla Juma has a Doctorate in Agriculture from Wye College at the University of London, and has 36 years of involvement with agricultural development in the tropics including 5 years in multidisciplinary project management and 15 years with international organization involved in the formulation of a sector wide approach (SWAP), policy dialogue, networking and links with other related development partners. Mwatima also has 20 years of involvement in the development of organic agriculture in Tanzania and is actively engaged in the production of organic fruits and vegetables at Msonge Organic Family Farm.

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