2005-2009  Master of Science (by research), Tropical Marine Ecology

                     Dept. Biology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Supervisor: Isabelle Côté

                     Thesis: Effects of boat disturbance on Antillean manatee space use and foraging habitat

  • Designed and implemented an ambitious multi-year research project in Belize
  • Developed partnerships, successfully managed complex relationships, and resolved conflicts between project staff, NGO partners, local & national government and the local community
  • Supervised a diverse team of local employees and international volunteers
  • Implemented an ‘Assistant Training Programme’ ensuring rigorous data collection standards maintained
  • Coordinated logistics at remote field site accessible only by boat, overcoming challenging obstacles
  • Conducted boat-based marine mammal surveys tracking VHF-tagged manatees
  • Conducted snorkel surveys of benthic vegetation inshore and offshore following standard methods
  • Participated in a multilateral manatee capture-tag-and-release programme in Belize and Mexico
  • Contributed to a community participatory workshop establishing protection of the manatee habitat
  • Conducted education and outreach with local community, national and international student groups
  • Classes taken (average 3.8/4) include: Behavioural ecology – survival strategies; Applications of GIS in resource and environmental management; Directed readings in statistical techniques (SPSS; R).

1997-2000  B.Sc (Joint honours) Marine Biology & Zoology – Class 2(i)

                     Dept. Ocean Sciences & Dept. Biological Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor, UK

                     Research: Honours project – Effects of human disturbance on the behaviour of common and grey seals on Blakeney Point, North Norfolk – Awarded Class 1 mark

  • Recommended management interventions which were successfully implemented, increasing protection of seal colonies while promoting sustainable seal tourism


2015-Present  Researching and writing a series of guides in English and Swahili to promote sustainability

  • Collaborating with UK publishers / editors / distributors to write guides of international standard to promote profitable engagement between NGOs and visitors in sustainable tourism

2011-2015  Research Scientist / Environment Educator

  • Sustainable East Africa

2011-2015  Researching and promoting sustainable use of marine and coastal resources in Zanzibar

  • Identified locally appropriate sustainable solutions to environmental challenges in Zanzibar
  • Collaborated and provided training to pilot sustainable projects with schools and NGOs
  • Advised Dept. for Environment, Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors, etc. on sustainability issues

2010-2011  Community Outreach Project Coordinator

  • Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania

2010-2011  Coordinated 1-year project to expand environmental awareness and conservation in Zanzibar

  • Responsible for US$120,000 budget, funded by EU
  • Collaborated with key partners: IMS, relevant government ministries, communities and NGOs
  • Coordinated a team of 25 local volunteers to implement local awareness-raising programme, including community and beach clean-ups, tree planting, recycling promotion and training
  • Editor and lead author of text book Environmental Sustainability in Zanzibar available in English and Kiswahili, raising awareness of key environmental issues and solutions in Zanzibar

2009  Consultant technical expert and website developer

  • Eco-Social Conservation, UK

2009  IUCN Species Survival Commission Shark Specialist Group

  • Reviewed technical reports and developed content to populate Shark Specialist Group website

2007-2009  Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

2009  Evolution 300: tutored 3rd-year undergraduates in evolutionary theory

  • Ran tutorials, marked exams and assignments, and trained and evaluated student presentation skills

2007-2008  Biology 102: Trained 1st-year undergraduates in scientific writing & literature research

  • Worked independently to design, tutor and mark ecology assignment for 500 students
  • Designed and conducted 30 tutorials on research techniques and endangered species protection

2000-2004  Fauna & Flora International (FFI), Cambridge, UK

2003-2004  Programme Officer, Conservation Policy & Strategy Unit

  • Prepared literature reviews and technical reports to inform policy and strategy decision making
  • Assisted conservation projects e.g. researched and drafted technical report on tiger prawn aquaculture for Americas Programme; compiled directory for Global Trees Campaign Wood Waste Project
  • Compiled financial reports, updated and monitored budgets, managed staff timesheets and expenses
  • Acquired diverse fundraising experience inc. successful applications to EU, UN, DEFRA, World Bank
  • Liaised with multilateral partners in UK and overseas, including EU meetings conducted in French
  • Administered multilateral partnerships between international NGOs, universities, corporate partners

2000-2003  Assistant to Director of Conservation

  • Provided administrative and financial management support to the Director of Conservation, including coordinating complex international travel and meeting schedules
  • Developed innovative systems to improve organisational efficiency and communication, e.g. developed and maintained effective information management system for FFI’s 100 projects in 40 countries
  • Collaborated on technical documents e.g. Caspian Sea regional Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan
  • Secretary to Strategic Planning Committee; compiled technical portfolio liaising with FFI’s Council

2001-2002  Desk Officer, China Programme

  • Travelled to remote areas across China:
    – Engaged in participatory planning workshops and meetings, diplomatically introducing new ideas to local NGO staff and senior government officials in Dujiangyan, Xining and Beijing
    – Interviewed indigenous Protected Area inhabitants to identify conservation priorities and concerns
  • Arranged logistics and budgeting of participatory planning meetings for Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau PA
  • Put in place robust communication system ensuring safety of extremely remote field staff
  • Provided technical input to proposals, reports, grant applications and other project documents


Nov. 2019

Permaculture Design Certificate

Feb. 2011

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (currently over 80 dives)

Sept. 2009

Certificate in Project Management for Social Enterprise and NGOS (3 days), The Guild, Norwich, UK

Sept. 2009

Training course: Business Planning, Business Link, Norfolk County Council, UK

Apr. 2009

Training course: IUCN Redlist Workshop, Indicators & Assessments Unit, ZSL, UK


Invited expert reviewer for Rufford Small Grants Foundation


Teacher training: Teaching Science: a ‘Scientific Method’; Teaching good scholarship and research practice; Teaching students with English as a foreign language; Efficient and fair marking strategies


Highly proficient: Trained trainer in MS Office; Trained in GIS (see above) and Stats: R, SPSS 16.0



British citizen, have lived and worked in England, Wales, Belize, Canada and Zanzibar, Tanzania


Keen linguist: excellent English (1st language); good French to Advanced-level; basic Kiswahili


Assisted on reconnaissance trip to the Cévennes, France, for Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays


Conducted M.Sc. feasibility study trip to Belize, Mexico, Florida, Australia, Thailand & Indonesia


Wildlife Guide – conducted wildlife walks and activities for children in France


Toured world with National Youth Choir of Great Britain & Europe with Suffolk County Youth Orchestra



Dean of Graduate Studies, Simon Fraser University: Graduate Fellowship – $6000


Commonwealth Scholarship – $45,000


Flagship Species Fund Small Grant, Fauna & Flora International – £2000



Hamilton, E. et al., 2011 Environmental sustainability in Zanzibar – a text book for Zanzibar schools and communities. Ed. E. Hamilton, Chumbe Island Coral Park

Apr. 2008

North West Student Chapter of Marine Mammalogy Society Meeting 2008 UBC, Vancouver. Oral presentation: Do manatees avoid boats? Using GIS to understand manatee habitat use in Belize

Nov. 2007

SFU-UBC-UVic Ecology & Evolution Retreat 2007 North Vancouver. Oral presentation: Manatees & GIS: Changes in Space Use and Behaviour of Antillean Manatees

Nov. 2005

Sirenian International Symposium (at Marine Mammal Society Meeting) San Diego. Poster presentation: Conserving Sirenians through ecotourism



Sports: SCUBA – qualified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver; also love sailing, snorkelling & surfing


Driving License: Full clean UK driving license held since 1996